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Volleyball uses the rally point system to make the length of the match more predictable and to make the game more viewer-friendly. 12. How many sets are in a volleyball game? A. 5. B. 3. C. 10. Click to see the correct answer. A volleyball game is usually played with 5 sets, and the team that wins the most sets wins the game. 13.

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Answer: Sand court, 2 players per side Beach volleyball is played by 2 players on a sand court. Players still have three shots to hit the ball over the net to ground the ball in the opponents' court. Having only two people instead of six, as in a regular volleyball side increased athleticism required..

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Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions What is volleyball? What are the governing bodies for volleyball? What is the object of volleyball? What are the different ways to play volleyball? What do I wear for volleyball? Who invented volleyball? How is volleyball scored? What skills do I need to play ...

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Question 1. How Many Players Are There In A Volleyball Team ? Answer : Six. Question 2. When Was Beach Volleyball Introduced In Olympics ? Answer : Atlanta olympics, 1996. Football Interview Questions; Question 3. When And Where Was The First Volleyball ( Men’s ) National Championship Held ? Answer : 1952, Chennai. Question 4.

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_____ 12. There are six people on the court at one time for volleyball _____ 13. A team may hit the ball up to three times before it has to go over the net _____ 14. A ball that lands on the line is in‐bounds _____ 15. When the score of the game is 25‐24, the game is over

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Short Answer and Multiple Choice Questions. How many players go in the back row? *. In our class, ALL SERVES must be: *. Overhand Underhand. While hitting the ball over the net, YOUR ARM hits the net. The ball lands inbounds on your opponents side. Who gets the point.

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Volleyball MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz. 1. A back-row player (on or in front of the attack line) may contact the ball completely above the height of the net and complete an attack. True Statement. False Statement. Answer-1.

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There are several spike techniques that are used in volleyball. Those techniques include the: Backcourt, line shot, Wipe or quick hit. A form of spike that tends to deliver a powerful loud or very hard attack is termed 'bounce'. The important aspect of those techniques is that they are all guided by specific rules of hit and jump coming from ...