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Glossary of tennis terms - Wikipedia

Action: Synonym of spin; Ad court: Left side of the court of each player, so called because the ad (advantage) point immediately following a deuce is always served to this side of the court. Ad: Used by the chair umpire to announce the score when a player has the advantage, meaning they won the point immediately after a deuce. See scoring in tennis

Tennis Terms and Definitions | USTA

SPIN – The rotation of the ball. (i.e., “topsin” or “backspin”) STROKE – The act of striking the ball with the racquet. TIEBREAK – A system in traditional tennis used to decide a set when the score is tied, 6-all. TOPSPIN – Forward rotation of the ball caused by hitting from low to high.

Biomechanics and tennis

Success in tennis is greatly affected by the technique a player uses and biomechanics plays an integral role in stroke production. All strokes have a fundamental mechanical structure, and sports injuries primarily have a mechanical cause. 1 Player development based on scientific evidence allows an individualised approach to be structured, with due consideration to the key mechanical features ...

Tennis definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

1. a game, usually played outdoors, in which two players or two pairs of players using rackets hit a fabric-covered, hollow rubber ball back and forth over a net stretched across a marked, level, rectangular area ( tennis court ) : in full lawn tennis. 2.

Tennis 101: The 6 Basic Strokes Explained Step-by-Step - Pat ...

All games of tennis consist of six basic strokes: the serve, forehand groundstroke, backhand groundstroke, forehand volley, backhand volley, and the overhead smash. The 6 basic “strokes” are the fundamental movements a player performs to hit a tennis ball. A “shot” on the other hand is what happens as a result of a stroke.

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The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is the governing body of men’s Tennis! Backspin. On a shot with backspin the ball rotates backwards. These shots usually stay pretty low. Break. When you win a game during which your opponent was serving that is called a break in Tennis! Break Point

The Physics of Tennis | Basic Tennis Physics

When a ball flies through the air, it experiences a drag force that acts in the direction opposite of the motion of the ball. An equation for the magnitude of the drag force on the tennis ball is given by: Fd=12CρAv2F_d=\frac{1}{2}C\rhoAv^2where CC is the drag coefficient, ρ\rhois the density of ...

Follow-through in Sports | Momentum and Impulse

Follow-through in sports In sports where rackets and bats are used, like tennis, cricket, squash, badminton and baseball, the hitter is often encouraged to follow-through when striking the ball. High speed films of the collisions between bats/rackets and balls have shown that following through increases the time over which the collision between the racket/bat and ball occurs.

Tennis Serve Technique – 7 Steps To Correct Serve | Feel Tennis

A tennis serve is a weapon only when the technique is correct. When the serve technique is not correct, then the serve is often more a liability than an asset. In order to learn correct tennis serve technique, simple serving tips won’t get you there. Instead you need to follow step-by-step progressions that build the […]