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Been lifting hard since then. No brace, no creams, no pain relievers, no holding back. My left arm that had the tennis elbow is just as strong and pain free as my right. Talk to your doctor and look into Astym and give it a try. My sports med doctor sent me to this treatment and it worked wonders for my tennis elbow.

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1. level 1. borygoya. · 1m. Going through some treatment right now. Sometimes you get relief from trigger points in the tricep, pectorals and the inner part of the shoulder blade, in the arm pit. 1. r/TennisElbow. All about the game Tennis Elbow 2013 (or other version)

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I recently had a bout of tennis elbow. It's 90% healed now. Here's what I learned: Get a theraband flexbar and perform the prescribed exercises. Ice the elbow after each use for about 20 min. Relax your hands as much as possible while lifting. Don't unnecessarily squeeze the bar. Grip it firmly when needed, but do not squeeze.

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Initial treatments for tennis elbow are conservative in the form of splints, changing certain activity patterns and avoiding painful activities with anti-inflammatory analgesics. Sometimes physical therapy in the form of stretching and strengthening may help.


Lateral epicondylosis (“tennis elbow”) is a common tendinopathy that has shown improvement following treatment utilizing isokinetic eccentric exercise. A novel exercise was developed for home-based eccentric exercise that has shown promise for use with patients with lateral epicondylosis.