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Handball - Wikipedia

Handball game highlights video. Handball (also known as team handball, European handball or Olympic handball) is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outcourt players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. A standard match consists of two periods of 30 ...

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American handball - Wikipedia

Handball is played in Loyola School, Jamshedpur, India. It was introduced in the school as early as 1949 by Father Keogh. Wall ball is a generic name for a variety of similar street games played by children, often with tennis balls. Prison handball is a simplified version of handball popular in North American prisons.

Handball (schoolyard game) - Wikipedia

Handball (also four square, n-square - where n is the number of players - or downball) is a ball game played in schoolyards in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, China and South East Asia. Unlike most types of handball , it does not incorporate a wall, instead of being played on a court consisting of lines on the ground.

One-wall handball - Wikipedia

One-wall handball, also known as 1-wall, wallball or international fronton is an indirect style ball game where one hits a small rubber ball with their hand against a wall with the goal of the game being to score more points than one's opponent when you hit the ball so that it bounces off the wall and the floor (within the court lines) in such a way that your opponent cannot return the ball ...

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From hand-+‎ ball. Noun . handball m (definite singular handballen, indefinite plural handballar, definite plural handballane) (uncountable) handball, a team sport. (countable) a handball, the ball used in this sport. References “handball” in The Nynorsk Dictionary.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Handball. Handball (also known as team handball , field handball or Olympic handball ) is a team sport similar to football (soccer) . Two teams of 7 players each (six players and a goalkeeper ) pass and bounce a ball using the hands , trying to throw it into the goal of the other team.

Handball – Wikipedia

Handball ist eine Sportart, bei der zwei Mannschaften mit je sieben Spielern (sechs Feldspieler und ein Torwart) gegeneinander spielen.Das Ziel des Spiels besteht darin, den Handball in das gegnerische Tor zu werfen und damit ein Tor zu erzielen.

Handball (Australian rules football) - Wikipedia

Handball is a method of disposing of possession of the football by hand. It is the most frequently used alternative to kicking the ball. In order to be a legal method to dispose of the ball, the player holds the ball with one hand and punches the ball away with the clenched fist of the other hand.

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Sur les autres projets Wikimedia: Étapes de l'installation d'un sol en Taraflex pour un match télévisé. , sur Wikimedia Commons Dimensions d'un terrain de handball Aire de jeu [modifier | modifier le code] L' aire de jeu est un rectangle de longueur de 40 mètres et de largeur 20 mètres comprenant une surface de jeu et deux surfaces de but. Les grands côtés sont appelés lignes de ...

Fouls and misconduct (association football) - Wikipedia

The handball offence is also penalised with a direct free kick. Players in association football are prohibited from touching the ball with their hands or arm, with the exception of the goalkeeper in their penalty area. For the purposes of handball the "arm" begins just below the shoulder.