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Design Space numbered error messages – Help Center

This is an "Invalid Material Setting" error. Check the Smart Set Dial. If it is set to "Custom," ensure that you have selected a material from the Design Space material drop-down menu. If the dial is set to "Custom" but no material is selected, this error can occur. If your dial is not set to "Custom," proceed to the next step.

Cricut Design Space iOS app Troubleshooting – Help Center

Mat is black in the App; Machine Communication Error. If you receive this error message, follow these troubleshooting steps: Save your project. Close the Cricut Design Space app. Open your phone Settings, and unpair your Cricut machine from your mobile device. Re-pair your Cricut machine to your mobile device. Launch the Cricut Design Space app.

Design Space says "An error has occurred" – Help Center

In some cases, this message will appear if you no longer have access to a Cricut Access plan that you had previously. If you do have an active Cricut Access plan, we recommend that you contact Member Care for assistance ensuring that your Cricut Access plan is properly activated. If you have not subscribed to Cricut Access, proceed to step 5.

Cricut Joy Troubleshooting: "Project Incompatible" Error ...

The Cricut Joy has a much narrower cutting width than the other machines. However, with Smart Materials, the Joy can cut a continuous shape or repeated cuts up to 4.5 inches wide and 4 feet long. When using a cutting mat, the Joy can cut up to 4.25 inches x 6.25 inches, or 4.25 inches x 11.75 inches. Incompatible Tool Selection

Cricut Joy Troubleshooting – Help Center

Machine didn't cut through material. Make sure you're using the correct cut setting for your specific material. Make sure the blade housing is properly seated in the clamp. Open the clamp and drop the housing into the clamp. The top of the housing should sit flush with the clamp. Then close the clamp.

Cricut Joy FAQ – Help Center

Yes. Cricut Joy is used with the free Design Space software on Android and iOS, or the Cricut Joy app for iOS or Android beta. It will also work with Design Space for Desktop on Bluetooth-enabled Windows or Mac computers. Design Space or the Cricut Joy app is installed on your mobile device or computer when you set up your new machine.

Cricut Joy™️ | Your DIY Best Friend

Cricut Joy + Essentials Bundle. $238.93. The just-right mix of materials and accessories, plus our compact cutting machine. Shop. More to love. Make sure you have what you need on-hand to bust out a card, create the perfect label & more. Shop. Cricut Joy™ Insert Cards, Sensei Sampler. Cricut Joy™ Card Mat, 4.5" x 6.25".

How to Fix Cricut Design Space Not Working on Windows

If your Cricut Design Space is lagging or freezing, you should check the internet. 11 Tips to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems Win 10. Fix 3. Close the Program and Clear the Browser Cache. Design Space is web-based program. Therefore, some measures that troubleshoot browser can also solve the Cricut Design Space not working issue.

Cricut Design Space ⬇️ Download Cricut Design Space App for ...

Cricut Design Space install: Open Cricut Design Space by either double-clicking on the icon or by clicking the start button on your computer, then going to all programs and clicking on the program. Once Cricut Design Space opens, you will be directed to Cricut.com to create an account.