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Volleyball Rotation, Setter Overlap

A volleyball rotation overlap or player out of alignment fault is called for players not being positioned correctly on the court at service. The fault for out of alignment is point for the other team and loss of service (if your team was serving). In this diagram, do you know which players are out of alignment? Are there any?

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A rotational fault occurs when a player is not relatively aligned with the players in an adjacent position. Players in the same row (4–3–2 or 5–6–1) cannot overlap left to right. Players in the same column (4–5, 3–6, 2–1) cannot overlap front to back.

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Volleyball Rotation Rules

Volleyball rotation rules including overlaps and positional faults. Illegal Overlaps. An overlap occurs when at the moment of serve contact, players on a team are overlapping positions on the court. And judgement is made by the position of the foot. There are 6 positions on the court... left front; middle front; right front; right back middle back; left back

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The most common rotation fault occurs when the front right side hitter in Zone 2 is not in front of the outside hitter in Zone 5 when the ball is served. Switching Position Switching positions can only be done after the serve.

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November 11, 2017. A fault is any playing action that violates the rules of the game and is judged by the referee to determine the consequences. If there are two or more faults that occur successively by the same team, only the first fault is counted. If both teams commit a fault at the same time, it is called a “Double Fault” and the rally is replayed.

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Any time that a team is out of their rotational order when a serve is made by either team, they are called for a rotational fault. This awards a point to their opponents. If the serving team is the team at fault, they lose the point and the serve. Whenever this call is made, the team must get back into the correct order before the next play.

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The other reason is they are often very skilled at passing so they have a good chance of being involved in receiving whether the ball is set to the opposition’s opposite or outside hitter. You also want your opposite player to be at position 1 so they can still be used to attack from the 10 position.

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Volleyball rotations are an essential aspect in the game of volleyball. Rotations allows each team to position their players optimally and substitute new players when necessary. There are five types of rotations, and if your team does not follow proper procedures for rotation, you could lose points for violations. Volleyball Rotations: How to Rotate. 6-2 Rotation; In a 6-2 rotation, you play with 2 setters and 6 hitters.