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How To Block in Volleyball - Volleyball Tips

Blockers should not swing their arms into the net. If you swing your arms, the timing of the block may be off and you will likely miss the ball. Make sure that when you jump you spread your fingers out and jump with strong hands. As with anything in volleyball, Coach Stokes explains that repetition and practice are key.

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Learning Volleyball Blocking - Tips for Successful Blocking

How Beginning Volleyball Players Practice Hand and Arm Position in Blocking? jump and reach over the net – and crab the ball, which the assistant holds in the other side of the net. Catch the ball and bring it back into your own side. When grabbing the ball the hands/arms should be bent forward -... ...

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Blocking Volleyball Tips - Strength and Power Volleyball

Blocking Volleyball Tips Stand at a comfortable distance off the net. You should be standing with enough leverage to push off and move sideways... Place your arms up in front of you. You want your arms up ready to react to the other teams offense.

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The Volleyball BlockTips on Volleyball Blocking. After serving every front row player on your team should be focused on keeping your opponent from spiking the ball down onto your court's floor. (Ralph Aversen) At the beginning of a rally, after the whistle blows and your team serves the ball into the opposing team's court, every front row player on your team should be focused on keeping your opponent from spiking the ball down onto your court's floor.

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Using Proper Technique Download Article 1. Learn proper timing. Watch the ball before it reaches the setter and then watch the setter. After watching the setter... 2. Communicate with your teammates. Most teams will designate one person (usually the middle blocker) as the blocking... 3. Use proper ...

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An important blocking in volleyball tip is to watch the hitter you are going to block in order to pick up important clues that'll help you block the hitter. Four Volleyball Blocking Tips: What Cues Do You Follow To Successfully Stop An Attack Hit While Blocking (Ralph Arvesen)

Blocking in Volleyball

Penetrating the Net. If you want to be successful blocking in volleyball, you better learn to penetrate above the net into the opponents space. Penetrating the net is considered the most important part to blocking in volleyball. You want to "seal the area" over the net.

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Learn how to improve your volleyball blocking technique by directing the ball back into the court. This technique will also help minimize your chances of ge...